Self Perception and the Year 2020

Photo by Jacqueline Ashton for Soft Focus x easy.

Constantly being at home is doing interesting things for our self perception.

With nowhere to go and no expectations of how we should look or dress, we're deciding solely for ourselves what looks and feels best.

Maybe you love the freedom of not feeling the need to put on any makeup. Or maybe you're using this time to experiment with makeup you would never have worn to the office.

My routine has been to shower each morning and put my makeup on, almost as a way of waking up. I find I feel less tired when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror with makeup on than without.

I’ve certainly had more time on my hands to think about and hone in on my skincare routine. Since I’m not rushing out the door, I can take that extra time to exfoliate, I’m more aware of what needs a little help. As my girlfriend in Bali put it, “the amount of time I now spend on self care and skin care is slightly rediculous.”

Somehow, I feel I’ve seen my own face more in the past 6 months than I have in my entire life.

I guess having the ability to go to the bathroom whenever the mood strikes, or just simply head to the mirror for no other reason than to check on myself wasn't typical when I worked in an office setting. Couple this with at least one Zoom call per day and I’m suddenly questioning everything I ever thought about how I look.

I struggle with the line between comfy clothes and real clothes and where in there I feel both attractive yet comfortable and why being attractive is a constant striving in my life.

It is the strangest of years and our reflections are the absolute least of our worries.

Yet, the obsession with trying to improve myself persists, my hair, nails, skin, make-up routine, wardrobe and on and on and on. Maybe in the midst of all of the other lessons weaved into the year 2020, self acceptance is key.