About Us

About Us

I wished my tampons would magically appear at my door and never run out…

I constantly talked about how tampons should be delivered and my dad kept telling me “do it! If you don’t someone else will.”

After a life changing health scare with my mom, I knew the time was now to take action.

I began doing research and learned a lot about the nasty things some popular tampon brands contain including: synthetic fibres that shed in the vaginal walls and promote bacteria and chemicals that are bad for you and the environment.

I personally switched to 100% organic cotton products and I felt women really deserved easy access to products that they could trust were safe.

Easy. is about much more than just feminine hygiene products. It’s a way to empower women locally and abroad and challenge society's ideas about menstrual shame.

Easy. provides an efficient platform for women to do this continually and seamlessly by donating 5% of our profits to ZanaAfrica Foundation, delivering pads and health education to Kenyan girls.

You do enough, let’s make this easy.

Alyssa Bertram