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Co-Creating Freedom Workshop

Co-Creating Freedom Workshop

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Co-creating Freedom: February 2021

A course for those ready to craft the life they desire!

Do you have a clear vision of the life you’d like to live?
Would you like to?

Do you have a vision for the work you’d like to be doing in the world?
Would you like to?

Are you afraid to pivot, embrace change and do what you truly desire?
Would you like to?

Do you know you’re meant for something more, but feel unclear about how to get there?  

This course is for you!


Over four weeks, we’ll work together to identify and define your desired path, provide you with clarity about where you’re heading and why.

We will address the root of the beliefs that are blocking you from achieving that which you desire.

Together, we’ll build a roadmap of actionable steps to release fear and move toward your vision.

This course is going to change your life!

What you'll gain:


1. Clarity around what you do not want, what is not working in your life and in turn, a deeper understanding of exactly what you’re looking to create.

2. Actionable exercises to help you feel your way into the vibration of that which you desire. We have to cultivate the feeling before we can bring it into our reality.

3. A stillness, a peace and a sense of knowing that you can achieve what you truly desire and feel calm on your way there.

4. A community of like minded seekers to explore with, share with and ultimately learn and grow with.

5. Most importantly, a tool kit of actions you can turn to whenever you need to realign your thinking with what you desire, whenever you feel low, whenever you get off track.


What's included:

→ Four live, guided, weekly online sessions, in a safe space with a warm community of like minded people. (capped at ten attendees)

→ Recordings of each session allow unlimited replays for as long as you like.

→ Option for hour long one-on-one sessions, providing individualized focus and attention on each weeks course work.

→ A community to support, uplift, listen and encourage. 

→ An interactive workbook full of exercises we will work through together, and you can return to whenever you need guidance (think tested visualization exercises, mood boarding and writing work to help you bust through your blocks).


Session 1. Groundwork: Feb 4th, 7-8pm one hour live virtual session over Zoom

Session 2. Re-framing: Feb 11th, 7-8pm one hour live virtual session over Zoom

Session 3. Creation: Feb 18th, 7-8pm one hour live virtual session over Zoom

Session 4. Co-Creation: Feb 25th, 7-8pm one hour live virtual session over Zoom

all sessions led by easy. founder Alyssa Bertram

    There is no time for playing small. The world needs your passion, your story, your life's calling. 

    Let’s get to work…
    Co-creating Freedom.


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask,


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