A Little Goes a Long Way, International Day of the Girl.

easy. has a strategic partnership with Zana Africa Foundation an organization that provides sanitary pads and health education to girls in Kenya.
October 11th is International Day of the Girl and our partners at Zana Africa Foundation have been striving all month to remind their community of what a big difference a small contribution can make.
Their fundraising goal is $10,000 - which can support 200 girls to safely navigate adolescence and realize their potential.
A donation of just $50 can support a girl with sanitary pads, engaging reproductive health education, and safe mentors for an entire YEAR.
But it’s not just a dollar amount.  For the girls ZanaAfrica serves, it’s the bridge towards claiming their own power and fulfilling their dreams.
They're counting on us to make this campaign a huge success, and to make this #IDG2018 especially impactful.
To do your small part to support a girl today visit: give.classy.org/ZAIDG