Creating a Space for Women to Thrive

Creating a Space for Women to Thrive

I first met Emily Rose Antflick at an intimate entrepreneurship event where she was the main speaker. I was immediately drawn to her authenticity. She bared her soul, sharing how she had gone from doing what she thought was her passion, teaching, to feeling utterly lost and devoid of meaning. At the time, her story resonated with me deeply.

She talked about wanting desperately to create the type of workplace in which a whole person could thrive, not check their true self at the door.

I found this concept both novel and beautiful.

I learned from Emily that she had taken her lowest low and alchemized it.

Out of this grew Shecosystem.

What began as meet-ups at places throughout the city where female entrepreneurs could come together to thrive, build their skills and learn from one another would soon have a permanent home.

The night of the event when we met, Emily had just finalized what would become Shecosystem's permanent home at 703 Bloor Street West, just across the street from Christie station.

Emily created a community and created value for that community and a business followed. 

Today, Shecosystem is home to many creative female entrepreneurs who are looking for a place to thrive.

With a collaborative co-working space surrounded by windows overlooking Bloor street, a lush studio space for events, yoga classes and whatever else these women dream up. 

This is a space that treats feminine values and sensibilities as an asset.

Shecosystem boosts a calendar that includes things like weekly self care circles, mentorship meet-ups and workshops.

The space is home to a cozy kitchen with an impressive mosaic, private offices, meeting rooms and treatment rooms and even a cozy room for private phone calls complete with faux grass. 

Each time I step into the space at Shecosystem I feel calm, welcomed and enveloped by feminine energy.

With membership offerings as low as $30 a month and one off events each week open to drop ins, there is no reason not to explore the community at Shecosystem.

Any space that's mission is to create sisterhood among feminist entrepreneurs is one worth checking out.

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