Losing Her Period and Reclaiming her Health with Lisa O'Connor

photo by @kla_ssh



In this video series we talk with Lisa O'Connor, integrated holistic nutritionist + skin coach and founder of A Radiant Life. I first met Lisa in September of 2017. We sat down for a coffee and listening to Lisa's story absolutely blew me away.

I knew immediately that I wanted to share her story of loss and rediscovery of self with our easy audience. Listen to her journey in the four part video series below. 

Lisa talks about her journey that takes her from South Africa, to New York City and back to Canada. She explains how listening to her bodies symptoms and her intuition helped her work toward a diagnosis.

Lisa shares how losing her period for a number of years made her feel out of touch with her femininity and how she eventually began menstruating again through her healing journey. 

Lisa discusses how healing from her illness has helped her get in tune with her menstrual cycle.

Lisa talks about finding the movement and nutrition that works for her.

Learn more about Lisa here.