Meet Martika

Meet Martika

Over the past few months we slid into our followers dm's asking if they'd like to take part in an easy. photo series. Martika immediately stood out with her mass of red locks and the fact that her insta bio read "Mom/Milk factory" among other things. Here's a bit about Martika and some images of her and her daughter Indigo that will make you melt.

What is your name and what do you do/what is your passion?

My name is Martika Jabari.  I consider myself to be a do-it-all creative mama - I’m a conceptual/creative photographer, with a strong passion for visual storytelling, social media, music and women.  I run a non-profit social group for young mothers, called The Undermoms.

In what moments in your life do you feel most powerful?

I felt the most powerful during my second trimester of my pregnancy because I really grasped the fact that I was carrying a child inside me and what that meant.  I had never felt so in-touch with my womanhood. I had never felt so magical.

What women have been most influential to you?

The women who have been most influential to me have been the women who are closest to me.  Their stories, life experiences and love is what drives and inspires me to be the woman and mother that I am.  I really thank the universe every day for giving me my tribe of women.

Do you have any advice for our easy community?

Sometimes, in life, we go through things that test us (especially as women).  These things test our patience, our sanity, our humanity, our love.  We go through some things, almost always, inexplicably.  We’re often left to wonder “why”.

Life doesn’t have a “hold on, I’m not ready for this yet” option.  We just have to take all things as they come; dodging the curve balls, getting hit sometimes, recovering and always learning.  

Lessons aren’t supposed to come easy; I don’t think we’d learn much of anything if they did.

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