Meet Olympia

Meet Olympia

Photos by Jacqueline Ashton

I met Olympia at a cottage weekend this summer through mutual friends. I was immediately drawn to her upbeat and happy presence and wanted to know more about her. Within a few minutes of knowing her I was asking her if she would like to be a part of this series. I hope you enjoy hearing what she's all about and that you gain something from her insights, I sure did!

What is your name and what do you do/what is your passion?

I’m Olympia! I’m passionate about learning and growing :) (Cheesy right?) It is so important for me to be constantly learning and growing in my personal and in my professional life. And that’s why you can find me reading books about business and growth, but you’ll also find me reading a Mao Ze Dong biography… (and also never finishing it, since they’re all about 600 pages). I love coffee shops, my cat, being silly and BodyPump at GoodLife!

I’m currently working on sales and marketing at Way of Will.  We are an aromatherapeutic body care line catered towards people with active lifestyles. We use 100% natural essential oils to create products to compliment your workouts and day to day lifestyle. The products are great and I love the team I work with :) Check us out on Instagram @wayofwilldotcom.

In what moments in your life do you feel most powerful?

I feel the most powerful when I have accomplished something that I’ve been working hard towards. It can be anything from completing my GoodReads reading challenge, feeling stronger after 4 weeks of consistent workouts to seeing through a social media project I’m running at work.

The feeling of winning a board game is pretty powerful as well.

What women have been most influential to you?

I take something from everyone around me. I believe that we should surround ourselves with people who inspire us.

Do you have any advice for our easy community?

Just be true to yourself! Never settle for anything that you’re unhappy with. Don’t try too hard to fit into a mold that others want for you. The number one person you have to please is yourself :) (Cause girl, you gotta live with you!)

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