Nia Teen: A Health Magazine for Kenyan Girls

Nia Teen: A Health Magazine for Kenyan Girls


Zana Africa Foundation supports the 80% of girls in Kenya who lack access to health education and menstrual supplies by delivering both. 

Constantly looking for new ways to support the girls they serve, they recently launched Nia Teena comprehensive health magazine that reflects the experience of growing up for girls in Kenya.

The magazine was built based on questions asked by the many girls who have taken part in Zana Africa workshops. 

Topics include menstrual and reproductive health, an embedded comic to promote healthy decision making, and discussion questions to help with the joys and challenges of growing up.

Distribution of the magazine along with sanitary pads will be part of a research product in 2017 funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This study, called The Nia Project, will be the first study in Sub-Saharan Africa to rigorously measure the individual and combined effects of sanitary pads and reproductive health education on girls' educational, social, and health outcomes. 

The results of this trial, which will be out in 2019, will be a seminal contribution to the global evidence base and will expand the definition of menstrual health to include sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Anne Moraa, ZanaAfrica Foundation's Storyteller, leading a focus group discussion to learn what girls need and want.

5% of profits from are donated to supporting the work of Zana Africa Foundation.

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