See it to achieve it

See it to achieve it

If I asked you, what do you want? Would you be able to answer that question?

For a long time I had a general sense of what I wanted and I figured that was enough. But there came a point where I got what I wanted, now what?

What I started to discover was that unless you’re really clear on what it is you want, you send out mixed signals.

There’s a way to be absolutely certain about what you desire and at the same time open to flowing with how this might show up in your life.

This is how:

First, get really clear on how you want to feel.

On your ideal day or week, what would you be doing? During each one of those activities, how would you be feeling?

Those sensations are the one’s you’re really after.

List those feelings out on a sheet of paper. Now if you want to get clearer on what each of these feelings looks like for you, write some actions underneath them.

For example, if your desired feeling is connection some actions that might help you achieve that are: creating a sense of community, writing or reading.

You can list these actions under your feelings.

What gets really beautiful is finding pictures online (via tumblr/pinterest) that help you see these desires.

With this visual representation of how you want to feel you’ve created a map for yourself.

Spending time visualizing yourself as you desire to be is a really powerful way to embody it.

Many of us (myself included) get so accustomed to thinking about what we don’t want (I don’t like this job, I don’t want to work out etc.). Unfortunately the more energy that we invest in these thoughts the more we create them.

We can consciously choose to place our energy in the service of what we desire.

It’s important to then remain open to guidance about what form these feelings might take in your life.

My desire for connection might come to form in ways I never would have expected, sometimes that’s the best part!

I've included mine as an example below!

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