Tending to Here and Now

Tending to Here and Now

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“Creative people are dramatic and we use negative drama to scare ourselves out of our creativity with this notion of wholesale and often destructive change. Fantasizing about pursuing our art full-time, we fail to pursue it part-time-or at all.” - Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

Sometimes in life, it’s not about the big changes. For most of us, we see these in the distant future. Whether it’s leaving your job, finding a new place to live, travelling. They are front of mind and we are subtly striving for or hoping for them most of the time. The thing is, constant striving toward these larger goals actually delays your happiness in the present moment and replaces it with anxiety.

Sometimes, it’s the miniscule changes. The types of things that really only you would notice that can bring you happiness today. This means taking a micro focus when looking at your life and seeing what things you are delaying or avoiding doing because you seem to believe they don’t lead to the bigger goal. For example, using your record player that’s collecting dust, setting aside time every week to write, to paint, to run. Or it could be even more simple, buying yourself a new mug and a new flavour of coffee (or in my case matcha) to make your mornings sweet again. Buying flowers. Changing the sheets. Lighting the incense. Watching the TED talk, reading the book, going for a walk.

We can find so many reasons to delay our happiness. Excuses about being far from where we want to be. Or, we can make our current circumstance the best it can possibly be. All of a sudden jobs, houses and new travelling companions might just come knocking, because that is the power of consciously creating your joy, moment by moment, day by day.

What needs tending to? Right here, right now?

Here are a few ways to help you get started:

1. Watch Shonda Rhimes' TED talk about her "Year of Yes."

2. Read The Artists Way by Julia Cameron to help remove blocks to creativity. 

3. Read this interview with Gabrielle Bernstein, a spiritual teacher balancing a successful business and a mindful attitude. 

4. Listen to this audio by Danielle LaPorte on uncovering how you want to feel so that you can consciously create it now.

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