Three Ways to Cherish the End of Summer

Three Ways to Cherish the End of Summer

We're heading into the last few lazy weeks of summer. Some of us are feeling ready for the heat to break and the crisp autumn days ahead. Others, like me, aren't quite ready to release the long days of sunshine. Regardless, what feels true is that September can be a new start if we let it. Here are three ways to honour the end of summer and enter fall feeling refreshed.


How have you treated you this summer? Have you been gentle with you as you learned your lessons? Have you prioritized rest? Have you prioritized fun? Have you been in touch with the ones that light your fire?

What small action can you take today to make yourself feel good from the inside out? Whether it's picking up some groceries on the way home to cook a yummy meal, scheduling that yoga class or penning some thoughtful words to a friend you've missed. Trust that you know what you need and give it to yourself today.


Look Ahead

September always feels like a new beginning even though back to school shopping days might be behind us. It's a nice time to look at the final four months of the year and set some intentions.

Without fear, where can you visualize yourself in January of 2019? How are you feeling? Who are you with? What are you doing? Lining up our thoughts and actions with our desires is the surest way to bring them into form.

Let Go

As aware as we may be of what we want to see, we likely can also identify something we'd like to let go of. Whether it's splurging too often on door dash or lyft, the need to control things around us, or just how much time we spend online. Setting clear intentions about those things that aren't serving us and having a plan for how to avoid or reduce them feels empowering.

The bottom line is this: at the end of the day, it's all good. The confusion, the pain, the joy, all of it is simply another step on our journey. By staying present, by allowing it to be and making subtle shifts in our perception and our behaviour as we become ready, we move in the direction of our dreams. Thank yourself for every small piece of progress as we welcome sweet September.

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