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No Shame In My Flow Game - Inclusion Period Box One

No Shame In My Flow Game - Inclusion Period Box One

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Design by A.Decker -

Menstruation is nothing to hide, let's support each other hand in hand. People menstruate. The should have access to menstrual products. Period.

NO SHAME IN MY FLOW GAME is the first release in the INCLUSION series of period boxes featuring local artists re-imagining periods.

A portion of each sale funds our Community Impact programs:  

PeriodPrepared : Period Packs and Products 

Inclusion: Period Boxes For You

Each inclusion box arrives with an optional compatible container for digital (non-applicator) tampons, if you're interested, please add it as a note under the special order info portion once in "Your Cart" and receive one free of charge. 

Container for digital tampons - Inclusion Series compatible – Changing The Flow

Looking for a ready to go bundle? Our Inclusion bundles lets you hit the ground running.



Box dimensions: 20cm x 10xm x 7.5cm (LxDxH)

One round and one rectangular opening


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