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The Social Action Initiative is MAKING A DIFFERENCE - donate now to support menstrual equity in Baden

The Social Action Initiative is MAKING A DIFFERENCE - donate now to support menstrual equity in Baden

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Make a difference:  

How does it work?

For each purchase, we will fill one Period Box with organic period products. 

At the end of the donation drive, all products will be delivered to the Social Action Inititiave club for local distribution.

The Period Box can also be used for storing extra period products, or converted into a lovely counter top period product holder. 

Note: this will not ship to you, we will deliver the product directly to "org" at the end of the drive.

In honour of International Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th, Social Action Initiative is hosting, not only another product drive, but also expanding their efforts toward menstrual equity by running a week-long campaign focused on education and awareness about menstrual health, stigma, and equity.


Social Action Initiative is a student lead group that has been running at Waterloo Oxford since 2022. 

This group runs various campaigns throughout the year including ones regarding Truth and Reconciliation, 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence, International Women’s Day, and Pride Month.

One campaign that this group has heavily focussed on over the past three years is menstrual equity which started in 2022 when they challenged their school’s administration because they failed to provide free menstrual products in bathrooms as the school board required.

After meeting with the school’s administration, the Social Action Initiative group was successfully able to reinstall free menstrual products in bathrooms, but their efforts to bring menstrual equity to their school didn’t stop there.

The group found themselves thinking about how the products being provided by the school were not suitable for many students.

Period products are not a one size fits all item, menstruators need different sizes and types of products in order to be the most comfortable and cared for during their cycle.

 They realised more needed to be done, and they were going to do it.

Since then, Social Action Initiative has run two successful menstrual product drives, collecting over 2,000 products.

A variety of types and sizes of menstrual products are now available in small bins in every stall in every female and gender neutral washroom at Waterloo Oxford. Unfortunately, with a population of over 1,400 students, these supplies did not last long.



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